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The Sun as a Source of Negative Entropy

The Biosphere is defined here as all of the matter which is used to 'build' living organisms. Part of this matter is in the living organisms and part in the 'recycling' stage. The environment is defined here as all the other matter on Earth and in the Universe, including radiation.
In order to get more organized, the Biosphere requires an influx of 'negative entropy' (first mentioned by E. Schrodinger - ref [2]) from external sources (entropy is extracted from the Biosphere) in order to conform to the II Law of Thermodynamics. What are the sources of this 'negative entropy' ? The Sun is the major source of the energy on Earth. Another source of 'natural energy' is geothermal energy. However, the total balance of energy for the Biosphere is on average zero for energy from the Sun, the same amount of energy is absorbed as is released, and is also on average zero for the Geothermal energy from Earth, when the Biosphere is in a steady-state condition. 

Fig.2. Three Thermodynamic Subsystems Sun, Biosphere and Universe. The Biosphere extracts negative entropy in the process of exchanging"Hot" Photons (Black Body radiation at T= 5800 K) to "Cold" Photons (Black Body radiation at T=280 K). This process is responsible for the mysterious "Life Force" which seems to defy II Law of Thermodynamics.
What is the source of negative entropy ? The Sun's energy is highly organized and carried by photons. Our Biosphere absorbs this energy and then releases it back to the Universe -the global balance of energy is zero (Fig.2). However, energy released to the environment is in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which is on average at longer wavelengths than the absorbed photons (Fig.1 and 2). The black body radiation of the Sun (5800 K), which is absorbed by the Biosphere has a much higher temperature than the black body radiation from the Biosphere and Earth (280 K) flowing to the Universe (3 K) (Fig.2).
The explanation is that the Biosphere does not accumulate energy when it is in steady-state condition, but it accumulates negative entropy and increases in organization. This is the difference between the entropy of absorbed radiation and the emitted radiation at longer wavelengths of photons (Fig.1 and 2). On the basis of this theory quantitative calculations of the total "negative entropy" balance on Earth, can be made. 


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