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Exam 1
October 7, 2009
2. Write the Lewis dot structure showing the formal charges, predict the structure including an estimate of all bond angles, and indicate the likely hybrid orbital on the central atom for the following: a) TeOF2; b) BrF4; c) ClO4; d) PF3.

a) TeOF2
Lewis Structure:
Formal charges: Te, 0; O, 0; F, both 0
Structure: pyramidal with bond angles F-Te-F ~107° and F-Te-O ~108°
Hybrid orbital on Te: sp3
b) BrF4
Lewis Structure:
Formal charges: Br, –1; F, all 0
Structure: square planar with bond angle F-Br-F, 90° and 180°
Hybrid orbital on Br: d2sp3
c) ClO4
Lewis Structure:
Formal charges: Cl, 0; O (with double bonds), 0; O (with single bond), –1
Structure: tetrahedral with bond angles: O-Cl-O, ~109°
Hybrid orbital on Cl: sp3
d) PF3
Lewis Structure:
Formal charges: P, 0; F, all 0
Structure: pyramidal with bond angles: F-P-F, ~107°
Hybrid orbital on P: sp3

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